“Did you read the latest UNMEER?”

“Yeah, but I don’t know that the numbers correlate with our DERC report.”

“Well, did they catch data from IRC as well as IMC?”

“Yes, both, because the DMO came down hard on them to be at the meetings.”

“Speaking of meetings, did you hear about the new WHO recommendations for PPE?”

“Yeah, and I don’t think the DMS has the N95 we want.”

“Has anyone brought this to the DHMT?”

“Yeah, another NGO, but I don’t remember which.”

“You know our CCCs just ran out of that style of mask.”

“I thought we lifted some of those from PLGH?”

“We did, but not enough, even with the supply we lifted from LGH.”

“I know we lifted body bags from KGH.”

“I thought IFRC had the body bags?”

“They do at their FOB, but not for distribution.”

“Speaking of distribution, how are we going to supply the PHUs?”

“I think it depends on what the CHCs have in their stores.”

“Can we pull from the CCCs? We have one where the store is in the MCHC right next door.”

“Yeeeah, but I think the CHO there would be a little pissed if we raid his store.”

“I thought that CCC was managed by a SECHN?”

“No, the SECHN runs the CHP, the CHO is doing double duty there and also in BKM.”

“Oh, man, is that the one where the TBA was possibly exposed?”

“Yeah, it is; CDC is doing an investigation into the CI forms.”

“At least the baby is at the OICC and stable. Do you have the PLK for the mother?”

“I have it somewhere. I think we’re optimistic that she’ll just be RDT positive and EVD negative.”

“We need to watch that baby, because if baby suddenly pops a positive PCR we need to get an alert to PCMH immediately.”

“That would radically change their SOP, that’s for sure.”

“And they’ll need to pass that to MSF, because that could have big implications for the WAUD.”

“Can you imagine how pissed the MOHS would be if we missed something like that?”

“Not only them, can you imagine how pissed NERC would be?”

“Dude. We would be FUBARed.”

– end –