I was in report yesterday at the start of my shift, writing down notes about each of my patients.  Then Annie, one of my favorite nurses, came in the door.

“In case you didn’t know, Jesus died about two hours ago.”

“Really?” I said.  She nodded.  I said, “But, are you basing that on Central time or on Middle Eastern time?”

“Aha, good point.  I’m basing that on Central Time.  So, what, the Middle East is, say, eight or nine hours ahead of us?”

“Something like that.”

“All right then,” she said decisively, “then that means that he’s already in the crypt!”

I found this amusing.

Annie was also the nurse who, along with one of our favorite doctors, tried in vain to convince Mr. O to leave his chest tube in.  Mr. O replied to each argument by saying, “It’s in God’s hands.”

To which, after a while, Annie finally replied, “You know, just because He’s steering the boat doesn’t mean that you get to stop rowing.”