Rollo attacked and snapped at a high school girl yesterday who did nothing but walk in front of me on her way past the clinic.

This morning I took him to the Coconino Humane Association in Flagstaff. I collected all his vet papers, wrote a note about his personality and the training he so desperately needs, and we made the 140-mile trip in 2 hours, arriving when the facility opened. I turned him in, made a generous donation, and left. I was back at work by 12:30.

I locked Nala in the yard when we left. She cried and ran back and forth in front of the fence as we drove away. When I came home this evening, she ran up to the car and waited for Rollo to come out.

But he didn’t.

With the family at Christmastime.

Rollo on the left. Nala on the right.

I know I’ve made the best decision for him.

I miss him so much.