The driver of the pickup truck was drunk. He ran a red light and t-boned the sedan. He survived, so far. The passenger killed instantly was the only other one in the truck. The sedan was carrying six passengers. 2 survived with minor injuries. 1 was flown to Phoenix, treated, and released. The girl died in our ER. Critical One and Two were the last two passengers in the sedan.

Critical One lived long enough to get to Flagstaff. He had an intracranial bleed, fractured ribs, badly fractured pelvis. Today, he is still alive, but barely.

Critical Two died on the way to the hospital. He had an intracranical bleed, which caused his brain to herniate through the foramen magnum — his brain swelled and tried to shove out of his skull. And since the brainstem, which controls the most basic functions of life, sits just above the foramen magnum, the herniation crushed it. He was dead by the time the helicopter landed.