5:25 a.m.

RN: “Tell me where your jaw hurts.”

“Here, on the left.”

RN: “How long has it been hurting you?”

“Few days.” He pauses. “Where are you from?”

RN: “Wisconsin.”

“You like working nights?”

RN: “Yes, I do. Although I get a little tired about this time.”

“You sleep all day?”

RN: “Yes. All day. I go home, have my breakfast and go to bed. Then wake up and have my dinner.”

A pause, as I fill out paperwork.

“I used to drive a truck.”

RN: “Oh? Did you like it?”


A pause.

“I hit a horse once.”

RN: “….what?”

“In the truck. I hit a horse once. And then I hit a hitchhiker.”

RN: “Where? Here in town?”

“No. In Shiprock. He was drunk.”

RN: “Who was drunk?”

A pause.

“….he was.”