Basha and I went out for our 6 a.m. walk today, and as we came over a hill a man came jogging towards us with his two dogs. Basha froze. One of the other dogs froze. Basha stared for a second, and then turned tail and ran away as fast as she could. Naturally, the other dog took off after her. That was the last time I saw here.

I walked around this morning looking for her, and just came back from walking 1.5 hours looking this evening. I’ll get up tomorrow morning and look, too, but I think that either Basha will come back on her own, her pursuer or another dog killed her (she’s not very strong), or maybe she’s just lost and found someone else to take care of her.

Regardless, my dog is gone. It suddenly solves so many problems, but I’m miserable.