I will race you to the very edge
Where the line of windmills stand endless sentinel
As they gather the air with the rhythmic thump
Of cries caught deep in the bones of mammoths, and a faithful heartbeat

My own surges faster to match my feet
As I run with gleeful wild abandon
Crashing through the sagebrush and fading summer grasses
I reach out as I pass between two triplets keeping time

And suddenly I press my hands against the infinite walls of the sky
The fingertips of my left hand leave ripples
Through a sunset of molten gold, and as I disturb it
The western sky erupts incandescent, and sets the world aflame

The fingertips of my right cast the shadows of giants to the east
So I stretch as far as I can, unfurling my spine like a leaf
And I grab a handful of each, both fire and darkness
Both meager cups brimming over, spilling into the pulse of my wrist

Then racing in time with my feet and the ancient memories of thunder
To my heart, ever matching the clockwise blades
And with that fourth beat rushing into the great red arch
Roaring in ecstasy as it consumes the whole of me

And in bliss I expand to fill the sky, and time speeds up
A cavalcade of rain extinguishes the horizon’s fire
The flame of the world dies screaming in shades of lilac and fuchsia
As the blue shadow curtain slams shuts from the east in the space of a breath

So I open my hands and the night wind rushes through my fingertips
Above me the lightest scratch of a nail reveals the moon
And in that faint, crescent glow I finally see the edge
Each of us racing silently towards the other

And I fling myself bodily over
Finding a wellspring of joy long buried so deep I’d lost its name
With a twist in midair I turn and face you
And because you are smiling at me I begin to laugh

I have found and fallen off the edge of the world
I have won this race, and I am consumed in delight
As I watch you follow.